Sunday, December 28, 2014

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After all those Christmas preparations and decorations, Colby and Tayte could not wait to get naked and on top of each other. First, Tayte sucks on Colby’s giant dick while Colby aggressively fingers his hole to open it up and get it ready. Tayte knows what’s about to happen and he can’t wait any longer so he asks Colby to eat his ass before the grand fucking begins. And of course Colby doesn’t wait for a second invitation. He bends Tayte over the chair and dives right into his hole as he spits on it to get it wet. By the moans coming out of Tayte you can tell Colby’s tongue is going way deep in there! 

Although Colby is doing an amazing job at rimming Tayte’s hungry hole, the time has finally come for Tayte to take the plunge and experience the full Colby ride - all 9 inches right down to the base. While still bent over the chair, Tayte bites his finger as Colby slowly penetrates him until his eyes roll back and the pain turns into pure pleasure. From there on, Tayte gets hammered Colby-style until it’s finally time for Colby to man up and ride Tayte’s dick like the pro that he is. Fast forward a few positions later, Colby’s massive dick is back inside Tayte’s hole and is clearly hitting the right spot because Tayte can’t help himself but to shoot a big load all over his chest. But that doesn’t stop Colby from plowing him some more until he’s ready to shoot. He pulls out and gets on top of Colby and literally showers him with cum. This is definitely one Christmas they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives!

Ad | Dallas Reeves Hung Jock Orgy

Hungry Jock Orgy

All of the Dallas Reeves jocks are sitting by the pool getting some sun, but sun isn't the
only thing on Erick Clark's and Kip Johnson's minds. Eric and Kip are making out and also
getting every one else's attention. Yuri soon joins in the action with Kip and Eric, while
Johnny Forza, Milo Fisher, and Jack King start their own party. As the guys all swap BJs,
their cocks are rock hard and their mouths are wet. Yuri is really enjoying servicing Eric
and Kip - this tall stud loves having two dicks to play with. Jack, meanwhile is sucking Milo
while getting head from Johnny. Things start to heat up as Eric moves over to enjoy Milo's
cock, though. Eric is definitely the most sensual guy at this party, slurping cock like a
hungry sex addict! Kip and Yuri take care of the other two, leaving all three on their knees
giving the best poolside blowjobs of the season. Jack, Milo, and Johnny stand up to give the
cocksuckers a better angle, and their abs glisten in the sun. All six guys look so amazing,
and they feel amazing as well. Jack looks like he is enjoying his cock getting sucked the most,
and soon he starts face-fucking Kip. The orgy gets tighter as the guys close in - Eric
continues to suck Milo's cock and begins fingering Kip and eating his ass. The guys get closet
to exploding their wads of cum, and Milo and Eric prepare by getting down in front of the
others. Kip cums first, followed by Jack - all over Milo. Eric is greedily licking Johnny's
balls - he wants some load, too. Eric opens wide as he receives two loads into his mouth.
After Yuri cums, Eric licks his uncut cock clean. Everyone is satisfied but burning up in the
sun, so they all jump in the pool to cool off. This is one hot orgy!

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Part 2

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Ad | Twinks Jessie Montgomery And Zac Stevens On 31 Photos Doing It Bare

Release Date: 10/26/14
Studio: 8Teenboy
Models: Jessie Montgomery, Zac Stevens

Key Words: Twink, Rimming, Cum Shots, College Guys, Brunette, Blowjob, Blonds, Anal Sex, American, 69

Description: Finding your center takes on a whole new meaning when Zac Stevens and Jessie Montgomery do their daily yoga routine. It's said that sex is a form of yoga and these boys show you how to 'Om' your way to an O in this bareback flip fuck that will have you sweating right along with them as they integrate the mind, the heart, the body and the spirit in this sexy new scene.

The Preview
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