Friday, November 21, 2014

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So many of you ask "where do u find all these straight dudes to keep around?" Well if you want a straight dude around, get a big screen tv and GTA 5 and he will never leave your house! Matt loves to play GTA then watch porn then fuck my throat or my ass. Not particularly in that order. Sometimes he will sit there and play for hours while I ride his dick or swallow all his nut! We have been pretty snowed in these last few days. Snow just won't stop coming so we are gonna plan a trip south. Any other young hung fit white dudes with full balls that U wanna unload. Message us on here. He loves to watch me get used by other dudes.


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Title : Too Big For Twinks #03

Description : Soccer camp is a great place to make new friends and a great way to bond with your teammates.

Actors : Benito Moss & Kenny Jacobs

Categories : Anal, Euro, Jocks, Twinks

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Ad | Hot House – Jimmy Durano & Micah Brandt

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Title : Saddle Up

Description : Washing the big tractor in the farm yard is hard work on a hot day for Micah Brandt. He squeezes his sponge until water drips down his chest, cooling his sweaty, muscled body. Things really heat up when Jimmy Durano arrives on the scene. He rims Micah's soft, pink hole, then guides his huge rock hard cock into Micah's mouth. Spit stretches from the tip of Jimmy's uncut cock to Micah's thick, sexy lips. With his jeans gathered at his ankles, Jimmy stands and fucks Micah from behind with powerful, assertive strokes. Micah wants Jimmy's cock deeper, so raises his legs in the air while sitting on the front tire of the tractor. The action builds and builds until Jimmy blows his load on Micah's strong, round ass.

Actors : Jimmy Durano & Micah Brandt

Categories : Anal Sex, Black Men, Hairy, Interracial, Muscle Men, Outdoor Sex

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Ad | Raging Stallion – Abraham Al Malek & Bruno Boni

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Featuring: Abraham Al Malek & Bruno Boni

Description: Bruno Boni is a hustler, and he owes a cut of his earnings to his pimp, Abraham Al Malek. Cash trades hands, and hands move to cocks. They kiss, slowly at first, then with greater and greater intensity. Both men are sun-bronzed, furry and bearded with broad shoulders and deep chests. They reveal their massive erections, and Bruno leans over to inhale Abraham's engorged cock. Abraham returns the favor, applying a thorough cock sucking as Bruno thrusts his kips and plays with his pierced nipples. Turning Bruno around, Abraham helps himself to a taste of Bruno's ass. With Bruno's hole all slicked up, Abraham thrusts his cock in as Bruno grips a railing for support. They move to the sofa, and Bruno rides Abraham's cock with vigor as sweat covers their bodies. Each man unloads huge ropes of cum in the other's mouth.

Categories: Anal, Bodybuilder, Hairy, Oral, Foreskin, Rimming, Cum Shots, Butts, Big Dick

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