Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FraternityX | Frat Boy Gets It | Bareback

When fratboy Tom gets fucked up he starts to act all gay and shit which is perfect because his long-ass hair reminds me of my girlfriend. So we waited until he was extra fucked up and then fucked that filthy hole hard. Bitch sucks dick better then most chicks, he must really love cock!

Sketchy Sex | Big Dicks & Cum Sluts

Fuck some of these cocks are massive! Roomies and I are jumping on them bad-boys like it’s out of style!  These guys are awesome with all the seed they’ve got to pass around. It’s a total fuck fest in here! I need to fuck and suck them all dry – so fill me up man!

NakedSword: Hot House

Title:  Heatstroke
Studio:  Hot House Video
Stars:  Angel Rock, Brandon Jones, Brice Banyan, Jimmy Durano, Johnny Rider, Landon Conrad, Marcus Ruhl, Trenton Ducati 

Director:  Christian Owen

Description:  No, the temperature isn`t going up. It`s just that you`re looking at our information page for Heatsroke from Hot House, and that makes the thermostat rise in any room. Can you imagine what a scorcher it will be to actually see the film? Watch as some of the hottest men in gay porn, including Landon Conrad, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati and Angel Rock, suck and fuck to their hearts content. Heatsroke is not to be missed. 

Helix Twinks Bareback With Jasper Robinson, Jessie Montgomery

Studio: Helix Studios
Release Date: 07/26/15
Starring: Jasper Robinson, Jessie Montgomery
Key Words: American, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blonds, Blowjob, Brunette, College Guys, Cum Shots, Kissing, Masturbation / Jerk Off, Rimming, Twink, Underwear

If there's anything Jesse Montgomery & Jasper Robinson like as much music, it's a tight hole and a thick piece of tube steak. In this hot bareback flip fuck performance, we see that their taste in music is only rivaled by their taste for each other as these big boned American Idols rock out raw and you "don't wanna miss a thing!"

Bareback Twink: Abel's Orgy, Part 2

In Part 1 of Abel’s Orgy, Malcolm Dominguez got things going by feeding his boyfriend some cock while their buddies watched. Then, when he gave the okay, the others stepped in and, like troopers, fed Abel Rivera all the cock he could handle. Except they all wanted a piece of the pie — or in this instance, Abel’s hole — so Abel ended up with his sweet ass rimmed, then spit roasted and tag team fucked while his boyfriend stepped back and watched. The bareback twink is stuffed full of Latin dick from both ends and he takes it all raw, getting off on having his holes used. But after taking only one cock up his ass — and it’s a beauty! — he prefers to get on his knees and get his face fucked. The cum hound is soon rewarded with five fresh loads of DNA in a semi-bukake, semi-cum feeding/facial session, leaving the cock pig sated…for now.
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