Saturday, April 25, 2015

Monster-Dicked Duo Boomer Banks And Rocco Steele

Title : Clusterfuck! 2

Description : Boomer Banks and Rocco Steele, both heavily and colorfully inked, line up head-to-tail -- a good position to suck a guy's cock or eat his ass. There's a lot of cock here. This duo has so much meat between their legs, it leaves you wondering who's going to bottom. But it's undeniable that Rocco is an ass pro, and he's doing such a good job on Boomer hole that Boomer can't even focus on sucking. Rocco knows his way around an ass: he spits, sniffs, probes and teases with tongue and fingers, sometimes using multiple fingers to stretch that hole wider. Boomer gets Rocco's cock real wet and works it with his mouth and hand, but he's fully aware what he wants. He flips around and slowly impales himself on Rocco's massive wide tool, inch by fat inch, while sticky juices drip from his hole down the shaft of Rocco's cock. Grunts and moans of satisfaction echo from man to man. Rocco increases his speed and intensity, and they take turns stroking Boomer's cock until they both explode in white hot loads that Rocco swallows and snowballs.

Actors : Boomer Banks & Rocco Steele

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, Boots, butt play, rimming, sixty nine

Tommy Deluca Bare Fucks Adam Russo

Part Number: R2EA
Title: Tommy and Adam

Description: Sexy, furry man Adam Russo is in the city turning in a trick when he brings horse-hung top Tommy Deluca back to the room to such and fuck him in front of his john.  After getting the daylights pounded out of him Adam sits on Tommy's face and they both explode cum all over the room.

Hung Champ Robinson Bare Fucks Marcus Mateo

Part Number: R2E9
Title: Champ Robinson and Marcus Mateo

Description: Champ Robinson likes fucking a tight hole and Marcus Mateo offers his bubble butt up to the stud.  After sucking on Champ's massive black cock he prepared himself for the fuck of his life.  Champ rails him hard and deep and ends up fucking a load out of the boy before shooting his own big load and then fucking it in.

Raw Fuck Club | Luke Harding & Vincent Rush

Part Number: R2E7
Title: Luke Harding and Vincent Rush

Description: After a night of shitty tips sexy go-go Luke Harding gets his big cock sucked off by newcomer Vincent Rush.  After some heavy petting, Vincent proves he can take it like a man; getting pounded, riding cock and making his ass work the load right out of Luke's throbbing dick.

Luke Harding
Vincent Rush

Raw Fuck Club | Shane Frost & Max Cameron Bare Sex

Part Number: R2E8
Title: Shane Frost and Max Cameron

Description: Max Cameron and Shane Frost push the limits of hot flip-flop sex in this cock-sucking, ass-eating, rough and raw fucking pig fest.  The two can't get enough dick or ass and end up drenched in sweat, spit and cum.

Shane Frost
Max Cameron
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