Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brett Bradley Fucks Josh Pierce Bareback In The Kitchen


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Brett Bradley begins the action with Josh Pierce right away, with Josh up on the kitchen counter and Brett ramming his tight pink butthole with his monster cock. Brett is very long and very thick, but Josh doesn't even flinch as Brett goes in rough from the start. As a matter of fact, Josh loves it and is immediately begin for more. Brett is so eager for Josh's sexy hole he doesn't even take his shorts or shirt off at first. This is a true slam fuck. As Josh gets impaled by Brett's tool, he asks for more, and deeper. Soon Brett decides to get more adventurous, and Josh is being held up against the refrigerator - grasping the top of the fridge as Brett holds his legs in the air. It's a perfect angle for Brett to get in deep, and Brett's thick raw cock just glides in and out as Josh enjoys the feeling of that wide dick penetrating in and out of his hole. As Brett pumps faster, Josh begins wailing and moaning in pleasure, very much enjoying every inch of cock. As soon as Brett lets Josh down gently from the fridge door, he has him spread eagle standing in the hall doorway, continuing his conquest. As Brett fucks Josh, he gives Josh a reach-around, stroking Josh's pole, and ensuring Josh is receiving maximum pleasure from his fuck stick. As Brett's pace gets faster, Josh takes over jerking himself. Josh is close to cumming, and Brett goes even faster at Josh's request. Josh pumps his dick faster to keep up with the timing of the fucking, and soon a complete shower of cum carpets the kitchen floor - Josh has a huge load to match the hugeness of Brett's cock! Brett then bends Josh over the counter and cums on his hole, but the action isn't quite over yet. Josh gets a few last minutes to shove the cum into his hole, fingering it and swiping it around, loving the feeling of warm jizz coating his asshole inside and out. Hot bareback fuck!

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Big Black Cock Jack Off In XTube Plus Home Made Bareback Fucking

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sexy And Hung Rocco Rizzoli

 COLT Icons - Rocco Rizzoli

With his classic good looks and the body of a top athlete, COLT Man Rocco Rizzoli has a unique macho image all his own. This Italian Stallion comes well-endowed with many of the traits we look for in a COLT ICON; a rugged jawline, a sexy 'come-hither' stare and a legendary piece of hefty uncut man-meat dangling between his legs. Check out these rarely seen images of a COLT ICON in a league of his own.

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Glory Hole Compilation Of 20 Cocks Sucked In One Night

Cock number 4 was hung, the sucker couldn't resist it, he slid the cock into his ass, bareback!
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